Committees in need of volunteers

We have many roles in need of filling, including four committees. Committee chairs are appointed by the board and we would love to fill them as soon as possible. Let us know if any of the following appeal to you and what your experience:

Advocacy: Committee shall be responsible for organization of professional development and educational events; promotion of OALGBTIC and the counseling profession as a whole; advocating for clients, students, OALGBTIC members, and the Queer community at large.

Membership: Committee shall be responsible for membership recruitment, retention, and member services under the leadership of the Membership Chair. 

Nominations and Elections: Committee shall develop and implement fair nominations and elections under the leadership of the Immediate Past President.

Equity and Inclusion: Committee shall be responsible for examining all OALGBTIC practices, policies, and procedures through an Equity Lens and providing feedback and plans of action to the Executive Board regarding necessary changes.